Being a professional demands requirement and often to surpass oneself.

In the world of dancing and in art in general, the visual and the image counts, and we must pay attention to what we convey, while keeping in mind that we must remain ourselves.

I had this desire to create a website, for several years as a real gateway to find all the information about me.

Allow others to know me better through my past experiences but also my projects.

In 2016, I created my first website (Yes, yes! All by myself).

But with my character, which is a little perfectionist, I was not satisfied of the result, but most importantly, I had no time to regularly update it !

In that regard, I discovered (well I already knew it) that this was a job in its own right and that it was absolutely necessary to call on a professional, and allow me to think of something else (my next choreography for example :D). Through a friend, I met Digital Créative Agency.

We had several meetings, exchanges, doubts ... "How are we going to proceed?" "There is so much information, do we have to delete some?" "How are we going to classify all this ?" .

After several discussions and nights of sleep (the night gives advice, they say), we finally found out how to do it. Voilà !

I wish you a good visit !

Published on : 15-11-2017 in Lifestyle

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