Maëva Boldron gave the immense pleasure of her presence among us in Martinique on November 3rd. This was a rich course of teaching and sharing.

This very young New York graduate, gave us her very first courses ... at her "roots" as she has so well expressed.

Originally from Martinique on her mother's side, she now lives in the city that never sleeps for seven years. The present students were both delighted and astonished, that such a young woman could teach with so much flexibility and exigency at the same time.

The training began with 1h30 of Yoga, which challenged us all about our ability to let go and achieve the much-desired mental freedom.

A course with flexibility but also agility.

We then had a Horton technique class.

Unfortunately, nobody teaches this technique in Martinique, and yet it is very beneficial to the development of the dancer.

The respect of rythmes, space and living your dance, are important concepts that are addressed in this one.

A good time mixed of laughter and sweat !

Maëva Boldron will always be welcome here in Martinique.

Good luck to this young teacher.

Published on : 08-11-2017 in Dance your life

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