What is the Heel move® ?

The Heel move® is a modern jazz-dance style on heels and was created in 2009 by Murielle BEDOT.

How to appropriate or reclaim your femininity ?

How to walk gracefully with heels? A simple accessory, accessible to any woman, and that yet often requires to be tamed.

On the background of Caribbean and American music, combining technicality (posture, walking mechanism, maintenance, joint and muscular functions, sense of body) and sensuality; these courses are ideal for women who accept themselves, but also for those who want to assert and discover themselves.

This discipline is technical and is based above all on the respect of the body of each.

Heel Move (registered trademark of Murielle BEDOT) has been tested and approved by doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nurses and psychologists.

This discipline is practiced in group classes and also in individual coaching by appointment. You can also include it in your special events :

  • activity for works councils
  • bachelor parties
  • wedding preparation
  • other events

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