I'm Murielle BEDOT

Murielle BEDOT is a choreographer and Afro-modern dancer and is very influenced by the American currents that require a spontaneous movement and a good technique, but also by the Afro dance which she uses particularly for the work of the back.

From the age of 4, Murielle BEDOT discovered the world of dancing, which she perfected throughout the years. From classical dance to modern-jazz, jazz, contemporary, afro, modern and hip-hop, she was able to learn different techniques, which enriched her vision of dancing.

At the age of 13 she is forced to stop this activity, for lack of structure in the south of Martinique.

2000 - S.T.A.P.S. (Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities) dancing option - Guadeloupe

2004 - Studies - Saint-Étienne

2005 - State degree in Jazz - Guadeloupe

2007 - E.A.T. (technical aptitude test) Jazz

2008 - Tour for the musical "SOWETO"


  • Actress in the series "La baie des Flamboyants"
  • State Diploma to become Jazz Dance Teacher
  • Caribean Golden Glam choreographer
  • Choregrapher for "Wok Line" - Guadeloupe
  • Creation of theHeel Move


  • Choregrapher at the Casino du Gosier - Guadeloupe
  • Dancer for AIDA - Opéra pharaonique - Paris


  • Dancer for MD Company
  • Dancer Karine Saporta


  • Prix de court Festivale
  • Creation of the associationA Corps Parfait


  • Professor of Contemporary Dancing and Kinesiology at the Caribbean Arts Campus
  • First choreographic piece : Hymne à la vie, Nombrils du monde
  • Beginning of regular classes and internships of Heel Move


  • Second choreographic piece « Silence ! »
  • Cabaret Créole Poétique Madinina


  • Dancer for the Insolites company in the piece Ô fil de soi
  • Beginning of Afro-Caribbean modern-jazz, hip-hop jazz, and heel move at the Baie de Tourelles international dance studio
  • Shooting of a video for the group African Sunz - Norvège


  • Mental trainer
  • Choregrapher for Esy Kennengas concert at the Atrium
  • Dancer for clip de Misié Sadik
  • Dancer and performer in the choreographic piece Mangrove