What is a mental trainer ?

The mental trainer can improve the psychic potential of each to optimize its performance.

He proposes various techniques in order to maintain the efficiency of his action, while protecting himself from the situations that can generate stress, during competitions.

Mental training is ideal for the high level athlete, but is quite suitable for people wishing to set up "smaller goals", in sports or elsewhere.

Murielle BEDOT is a mental trainer since February 2017 and chose to include it in her practice.

Dancing is a particularly demanding expression, which requires a good knowledge of oneself but also to surpass oneself.

The dancer must constantly go beyond his physical and psychic limits in order to reveal the best of himself.

He must also listen to others (dancers and choreographers) for a good harmonization of the group.

The mental training in this context, allows him to be well prepared for the stage and to control his performance.

Through different tools, the dancer will :

  • control his stress
  • improve his interpretation game
  • control his frustrations (beauty criteria, technical criteria ...) and let go
  • live the present moment and be fully focused on his performance
  • create a social bond with other members

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